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The attorneys at Eisenberg Hefler & Levy LLP have considerable experience in many aspects of commercial and residential real estate, including the acquisition, development, and sale of properties and in commercial leasing matters.  The firm also represents both mortgagees and mortgagors in connection with acquisition loans, construction loans and refinancing.  In addition, the firm counsels clients engaged in work-outs and restructurings of loans and leases.

Attorneys at the firm have developed specialties in negotiating restaurant leases and in representing clients in all areas of cooperative and condominium ownership, including representing sponsors, purchasers and sellers of individual units and of unsold shares.

The firm’s attorneys are able to provide sophisticated and comprehensive advice in a broad range of real estate matters, yet, as part of a small firm, they are committed to providing responsive service at a reasonable price.

Richard D. Eisenberg - Partner
Elliott D. Hefler – Partner


Eisenberg Hefler & Levy LLP has a substantial commercial litigation practice, with significant presence in the fields of copyright and entertainment law. What sets the firm’s litigation practice apart from that of other firms is the belief that litigation is a technique of last resort. If attempts at reaching an amicable resolution of a problem fail, then litigation, properly utilized, can get the much-needed attention of another party or bring the legitimate claims of a client before an unbiased trier of fact. Litigation should not be treated as a game designed to showcase the belligerence of the attorneys for the parties in conflict.  Often the best litigation is the one which is avoided. That said, however, when required, Eisenberg Hefler & Levy LLP aggressively and cost-effectively represents its clients in all phases of civil litigation including discovery, motion practice, arbitration and mediation, trials and appellate work.

Stewart L. Levy – Partner
Robert S. Besser - Of Counsel 


Eisenberg Hefler & Levy LLP represents entertainment companies and talent in the areas of records, television and radio, film and literature. It also performs pre-publication libel and defamation review.

Eisenberg Hefler & Levy LLP both litigates and negotiates matters involving the entertainment industry. As a result, the firm has developed a unique, practical approach which analyzes litigation issues from a business standpoint, and negotiates business transactions with an eye towards any possible litigation problems in the future. While some clients  come to Eisenberg Hefler& Levy LLP for assistance in specific litigation or transactional matters, many others appreciate being clients of a firm which offers a wide range of services and enables all of their needs to be serviced by one firm.

Stewart L. Levy – Partner
Robert S. Besser - Of Counsel 




Eisenberg Hefler & Levy LLP represents clients in various industries including real estate, communications, entertainment, food service, retail, apparel, textile and technology. Its attorneys engage in the negotiation, drafting and review of almost every kind of business agreement, including shareholder, partnership and operating agreements, loan agreements, agency agreements, joint venture agreements, acquisition agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, manufacturing agreements, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements and brokerage agreements.

The firm has considerable experience in structuring business transactions, including organizing business ventures, structuring the initial financing of ventures and performing the legal work necessary to develop such ventures into operating entities.

The firm’s attorneys seek to be “deal makers”, and, at the same time, strive to structure transactions so as to reduce their client’s exposure to unnecessary risks.

Richard D. Eisenberg - Partner
Elliott D. Hefler -  Partner

Specializing in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Matters, Entertainment Law, Litigation, Corporate Transactions and Estate and Trust Law



Stewart L. Levy
Elliott D. Hefler
Robert S. Besser


Eisenberg Hefler & Levy LLP (“EHL”) is dedicated to quality legal representation and counsel to the business, real estate and financial communities.  The firm was organized in 1985 with a commitment to provide responsive, creative and comprehensive legal services to its clients, both on a transactional basis and in the context of on‑going legal representation.  EHL has been successful in meeting its goals and serves its clients with the highest degree of professionalism.  EHL understands the legal and business needs of its clients, including their desire for responsive service at a reasonable cost.

The firm offers its clients a broad range of legal specialties, including real estate, corporate, litigation, finance and entertainment law.  Each matter is handled by a partner of the firm, all of whom are skilled and experienced negotiators and draftsmen.


Phone: 212-599-0777

Fax: 212-599-0770

335 Madison Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, New York 10017


335 Madison Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, New York 10017
Phone: 212-599-0777
Fax     : 212-599-0770

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